About Us

We ‘Inquireindia’ are 24×7 Online Digital Hindi News Portal, a new mirror in national and international arena, providing people with the critical glance from the field of politics, society, sports, Intertainment, fashion, health, lifestyle and many more. In today world where mundane thing take front stage and the real issue take backstage due to various known or unknown factors. We are here to place the real issue, real concerns and the real voice of the people of India.

A group of hard working and never to compromise journalists aided with computer graphics, management experts along with business analysts and geopolitical strategists are here to present you the strategic analysis of everything noteworthy going on around us playing the events in the geopolitical, historic and intellectual framework. A proper research team is in action to bring to you all that is the fact and must be on the front of world. In today world where materialism is at its peak and most of the world media is struck by its sting, we are here bold & straight to present you the truth.